Monday, January 28, 2013

Oliver Jane Walker

One Sunday evening a while back now, Mike and I were sitting in our living room when suddenly we hear a cat's meow. Mike jumps up like he had been expecting this and opens the door to a very presumptuous cat who just walks in like he owns the place.
While I was a bit weary on letting a stray cat in our house, I couldn't just let him leave without a bowl of milk and Mike just wanted some time with the cat.
We decided to name him Kuzko. It seemed fitting. But after about 7 minutes I needed the cat out of our house.
It was so strange because while I'm not much of an animal person as soon as this cat left, Mike and I decided we wanted a cat of our own.

Kuzko's visit (and yes we took pictures because it was such a strange encounter)
Three short days later, we drove out to Coalhurst and picked up our very own blue-eyed, fluffy grey kitten. We had been deliberating on names for a while but as soon as I saw his little (as my sister liked to put it) electrified kitten furs I knew he was our little "orphan cat" Oliver. Mike liked the name too. It was meant to be.

He was just the cutest, most curious little thing!
Nothing soothed him more than our micro-fibre blanket from costco. You know the soft luxurious kind, that almost makes you want to purr.
His laser pointer brought him and us hours of entertainment!
He always wanted to know what we were doing. Like our very own little pirate pet, just perched on our shoulders as we cooked and cleaned.


Alas, time was short with our beautiful kitten, (who secretly drove me crazy but I also secretly loved). We had great plans to travel the world! We were going to Australia, Abu Dhabi, England, and paper work for a pet was a lot more work that we had anticipated. We also figured cats are not ones who love to up and move every 6-12 months so we swallowed our feelings and thought of the paperwork and most importantly, the cat, and found the best owner we could find for him. A family that had just lost their family cat of 18 years. We'll miss his playful charm, his need to sprawl across our chest/shoulders as we watched TV, and his love hate relationship with bath water, and we will miss him, but we are happy we had him in our lives for that short time. 

I'm a big dork with my kitten:)

pretty kitty

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

what's been going on

Well, apparently this summer was a "be outside" summer, and not a "write blog posts" summer.
You know what, that's so cool with me.

This semester was my first semester of "real" college. None of that fun artsy stuff! (Well maybe just a bit of it) 
I had a blast making new friends, learning sweet dance moves, and understanding the human brain and body better. I also had the opportunity to paint a 42ft mural with a girl in one of my classes. It was an amazing semester!

Mike also did an amazing job teaching junior high out in the little town of Coalhurst. They loved him out there and I know the school will sincerely miss all that he did for them!

Today was my last exam and Mike is in his final week of teaching and then we are on to the Christmas season with the family!!